Puzzle Game
If you are brainy and like puzzle games then get ready to play your favourite puzzle games online without spending money. A lot of these invigorating games are accessible online for free. Some of these games are Splash back, Lucky clover, Memory math game and three fruits game. In Splash back game create as many bubbles as you can. You have only 10 drops with you. Make splashes out of them until they burst. To get more drops you have to make combos. Just overtake all the levels and get the highest score. Use your mouse to get the bubbles. Get more bubbles and scores as well! In Lucky clover game you have to find out the clover having four leaves in your garden. Once you pick up flawed leaves you lose the round. The time is limited and you win only if you find them within given time limit. Go for it if you are living it. Memory Math Game is just the judgment of your memory but with math symbols. In each level you have to guess the pairs and then you go to next level where more squares and pairs are present. Squares can be clicked by using mouse. A three fruits game is about matching fruits. Make use of your mouse to click the fruit symbol that you want to change and then click on the nearby symbol that you want it exchanged with. You have to be speedy and accurate to finish the level. There are two bars, the green and the blue bar and u have to fill the upper one in the given time. Once you have filled the bar line you will move to a new level which will get you some new exciting challenges. Clear all the levels and win the game


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